It is unrecommendable in the efficiency and economic standpoint for companies to internally carry out all HR operations.

Most companies outsource their HR functions to enhance productivity and cost reduction by concentrating on essential tasks, and most small and medium sized companies outsource their 4 major social security work. Such trend is expected to overall HR operations (BPO, HRO) including not only wage management but also employee’s welfare and services, training, employment, and employee opinion survey.

In preparation to the emerging era of HR outsourcing, IAN Labor Law Firm & IAN HR shall continuously support clients’ growth and success by providing total HR outsourcing through core HR operations system including Payroll, ERP, Compensation and assessment system.


.Concentration on core operations

Through HR outsourcing, companies are able to focus on their core production activities which enables efficient organization management and enhancement of productivity

.Improve professionalism in HRM

By having HR specialists to directly carry out HR operations, companies could improve professionalism in HR operations through specialized, legally safe, and efficient HR·ER management.

.Enhance information safety

Companies are able to fundamentally prevent personnel information leakage issues which may cause from internal HR management by submitting the task to an external professional.

.Dispute prevention

Companies are able to prevent disputes beforehand as HR professional directly establishes a wage payment system and manages legal abidance issues.

IAN ERP (HR & Payroll management system)


IAN ERP is a HR & Payroll management system refer as ERP made by IAN. Payroll clients can use IAN ERP for free and save your HR budget. IAN ERP can perform HR management(HR administration, leave management, etc) and Payroll management(including tax management), so your HR dose not have to perform your HR duty with excel or word. Also, server for IAN EPR is managed by IT security expert.


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